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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Is a "SEED" Or "LEECH"

One of the most common question of torrent arena is " What are Seeders and Leechers " or " Differentiate Seeding and Leeching " or " Seed vs Leech " ?

In simple words, Seeders are people who are giving that file to you and Leechers are taking that file (downloading) from them. So, You are probably a Leecher.

There is lot of confusion over seeders. Though they are offering the file to you but they will be called true seeders if they have 100% of the file to be hosted. These seeders have complete achieve and now only uploading to the other leechers.

On the other hand leechers are those who has not completed the torrent file and are downloading from the other leechers and seeders.

leech = downloading from others.
seed = uploading for others to download.

Common sense says that if there are more seeders then the downloading speed is optimum but if there are more leechers then it might result in slow downloads. So always go for files with more seeders or more seed/leech ratio.

The idea behind seeders/leechers is that you aren't relying on just one person or place to download your file. The more leechers that are on a file , the more strain / bandwidth is being used from the seeders. Try to find an equally balanced file i.e equal number of Seeders and leechers. Best situation is more seeds than leechs.


  1. Thank you explaining the basics!

    View my article "Abundance Versus Scarcity" at my blogsite for my opinion on other facets of seeding and leeching and identify what type of user you are!


  2. Thanks for a very common man understanding..

  3. Thanks for the info. I was confused earlier as I was unable to decide what seeders and leechers meant but now mt doubts are clarified.

  4. Hey, its interesting to know about seeders and leechers. Now i know and i will choose the files correctly (i mean torrent files). Thanks for this simple and clear details.

  5. well this is what i don't understand, im downloading a file that had no more than 1 seeder and if not mistaken no leechers at all, the file starts downloading pretty fast, then it sudddenly slows down and stops downloading, but when i seed my downloaded files, the file im downloading starts downloading properly again, whats up with that?

  6. Now I understand about it. thank You.

  7. i spend 12hrs of seeding 500mb file but still upload speed around 5-10kbps with only i im stop seeding after complete downloaded. leechers are always got hater.i like to sharing to people but with this situation im feeling upset... :(

  8. when i finish dnloading, for how long would i leave the file to be seeding.
    Bcos i always delete any file dat is completely downloaded right away

  9. After you have downloaded a file, you should wait till your "Ratio" on the file is at least 1.000. Which means you have given back as much as you have taken.(At least of Private tracking sites which are by far the best)If you delete/or move the file after downloading it straight away it is known as "Hit & Run" and is strongly frowned upon within the torrent community and will in time get you banned (Again from private sites)

  10. thank you for making things clear for my understanding